Total Solar Eclipse
viewed from Chisamba, Zambia
June 21, 2001

Corona Composite
A composite of 9 exposures (1/125 - 1/2sec)
processed by the technique of Russell Brown .
The star to the upper right is Geminorium (4.3 magnitude)

A nice, mellow music video of the entire eclipse
Music is from Cugu by Wimme (with permission)
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Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring
This single image was also processed by the radial
unsharp-mask technique used in the Totality image.

Prominences and Bailey's Beads
Second Contact
A collage of images taken in rapid succession
showing 2nd contact and prominence details

Intersection: Totality wiht Moon
If you could see the moon during totality, this is what it would look like.
The lunar image was taken at full moon just prior to the solar eclipse.
The orientation of the moon is correct relative to the sun during the eclipse.
The coloring is what it would look like during a total lunar eclipse
(red like a sunset because of diffraction through Earth's atmosphere),
giving the effect of the Sun shining through the moon.

Corona Composite
These are not processed by the radial-unmask sharpening technique.
Note how much less detail there is in the corona without that processing.

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